Top 20 Legal Technology Solution Companies - 2016

The legal world has for long been ignoring the potent of advanced information technology and its efficiency in mitigating lawyers’ nugatory tasks that surrounded the actual work. Adopting the latest trends of technology and its feasibility has always been put to test, owing to the collective high security risks and massive volumes of the data involved. However, the recent decade has been witnessing an increase in the acceptance of modern day technological norms like cloud, mobility, and wearables, in the legal sector.

A horde of experts are working at the crossroads of technology and law, to facilitate the move towards automation, and ultimately, legal efficiency. Basic office applications like word processors and spreadsheets are being replaced with contract-specific software for contract lifecycle management, and contract drafting. Siloed applications that served various purposes along the process chain, such as accounting, billing, and document management are reinstated with integrated software products that reside over a single data set, promising information consistency. These legal solution providers have also introduced artificial intelligence into the legal picture, where automation of legal tasks has greatly increased lawyer efficiency, cost predictability, and service quality.

In an effort to help law firms with the shift toward a more dynamic and technologically evolved ecosystem, a panel of prominent CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts, along with the CIO Review’s editorial board has assessed scores of Legal Tech solution providers and picked out a list of prime choices.

We have considered the vendor’s ability in building solutions that can effectively manage legal data, bringing in an efficient and productive process chain, and at the same time deliver consistent information.

We present to you CIO Review’s Top 10 Legal Tech Solution Providers 2016.

    20 Legal Technology Solution Companies

  • 1

    Provides deeper data insights to law firms and legal departments through consistent information reporting

  • 2

    Provider of a comprehensive portfolio of managed services and technology for information and document management, business process outsourcing, and specialty workforce services

  • 3

    Offering valuable and extensive legal workforce solutions required for project management of legal, regulatory, and data analytics

  • 4

    Provides Gemba360 Compliance System that allows agencies to monitor and manage compliance and risk management reporting with one system

  • 5

    Offering end to end digital and document solutions

  • 6

    Provider of an affordable, intuitive and powerful legal case management software designed for the modern law firm

  • 7

    Provides discovery management solutions that help organizations reach their discovery, analytics, compliance and investigations objectives

  • 8

    Provides solutions and consultancy services to support all phases of web-based justice systems ranging from class action claims and settlements to supply chain risk management and automatic document classification analysis

  • 9

    Provider of Artificial Intelligence and litigation support technologies like e-discovery and digital forensic services

  • 10

    Provides legal technology services and analytics solutions to enhance business performance

  • 11

    Acuity Management Solutions

    Acuity Management Solutions

    Provider of cloud-based enterprise legal management software to corporate legal departments

  • 12



    Assists legal departments of multinational corporations respond to legal matters, reduce legal spend, minimize risks and operate more efficiently

  • 13

    Elevate Services

    Elevate Services

    A legal service provider helping law firms and corporate legal departments with practical ways to improve efficiency, quality and outcomes

  • 14

    Heureka Software

    Heureka Software

    Heureka enables organizations to extract intelligence from data swamp for global legal firms

  • 15



    Global provider of legal, document, research and business support solutions to leading law firms

  • 16



    Provider of internet based attorney billing software and service

  • 17

    Kensium Legal

    Kensium Legal

    Provider of off-shore data services and litigation support solutions

  • 18



    Provider of eDiscovery software and services for legal professionals at law firms, corporations, and government agencies

  • 19



    Offers software solutions that harness the power of information to solve concrete business problems

  • 20



    Provides highly efficient printing, user profiles, and monitoring tools to help legal professionals simplify and speed their day from anywhere