Top 20 Legal Technology Solution Companies - 2014

Over the years, law firms are transcending horizons where the litigation proceedings are being drawn across the corners of the globe. Globalization has ushered in inexorable technological best practices and cost-effectiveness across the entire litigation spectrum.

In the aftermath of increased security, the digital age is witnessing an array of cloud-based legal services and solutions, and automated processes that ease critical woes on security, cyber espionage, discovery, trial, intellectual asset management, risk and email management and compliance to regulations and guidelines.

Reshaping the litigation landscape are the technologies that transform the legal professional’s workflow into smartly organized digital information. It also enables collaboration and sharing of information among lawyers teamed for a particular case anywhere across the globe.

However, in lieu of the prudent customer, the need to rein in costs is bringing forth affordable and effective legal delivery models. There is an ongoing fundamental shift in the client’s expectations, be it on pricing or service levels, and addressing these require innovative technologies and approaches.

The following pages explore how legal professionals can benefit from the confluence of available technologies to interact in real time and gain the competitive edge. In the last few months, CIO Review has looked at scores of legal technology solution providers and shortlisted the ones that are at the forefront of tackling the technology challenges in the legal arena.

We present to you CIO Review’s Most Promising Legal Technology Solution Providers 2014.

    Most Promising Legal Technology Companies

  • 1

    Helps enterprises of any size attain and sustain operational success through process excellence and adaptive process-driven applications that do not become legacy.

  • 2

    Practice management software solution to enhance the productivity and profitability of law firms.

  • 3

    Offering comprehensive software solutions for Intellectual Asset Management.

  • 4

    Provides customized and cost-effective eDiscovery solutions.

  • 5

    Providing business processes and procedures to maximize a law firm’s profitability.

  • 6

    Providing superior technology delivering premier legal solutions.

  • 7

    Provides certified secure data recovery services to corporations, government organizations, businesses and consumers.

  • 8

    Specializes in computer forensics, electronic discovery & data security.

  • 9

    Provides innovative and cost-effective legal review software, services and programs.

  • 10

    Offering web-based software solutions for the financial services, healthcare and legal industries.

  • 11

    Provides Enterprise Content Management, Security and Compliance, Cloud Services, Mobility, Optimized Print Services and eDiscovery for the legal enterprise.

  • 12

    Provides legal professionals an easy-to-use and powerful document discovery platform that they can access from anywhere.

  • 13

    Provides electronic business process management tools specializing in the areas of litigation, vendor and procurement management.

  • 14

    Delivering simplified, secure containerized workspaces for the enterprise consumer.

  • 15

    Develops the Opus 2 Magnum platform and provides intuitive tools for collaboration during litigation, arbitration hearings, depositions, and government inquiries.

  • 16

    Managing the electronic file, matter centricity, document and email management, information governance, pricing & experience management.

  • 17

    Provides consulting expertise and web-based solutions for litigation, emergency and disaster management, and processing of registrations, claims and settlements.

  • 18

    Provides combination of cloud and hardware scanning solutions to create a comprehensive Smart Organization System.

  • 19

    Provider of legal, data management and cyber risk solutions to solve complex legal and data challenges and reduce costs.

  • 20



    A provider of enterprise technology solutions for businesses of all kinds for effective communication.