Amy Porter, Founder & CEO
While the adoption of technology in the financial services sector has accelerated steadily over the last decade, organizations are still far from achieving the much required efficiency and visibility in terms of currency supply chain management and cash demand forecasting. Financial institutions are actively looking to implement the right solution to fulfill customer demands, particularly as it relates to cash and its availability. To that end, Texas-based Morphis—a leading global supplier of payment system and currency supply chain management software—is empowering organizations across the entire currency logistics spectrum, from central banks, commercial banks, all the way to armored carriers, ATM operators, and retailers. Morphis’ proprietary technologies provide world-class demand analytics coupled with optimized fulfillment logistics, which delivers a new level of efficiency and accountability for cash management. Drawing on its experience of more than 20 years, Morphis equips clients with comprehensive, end-to-end solutions that respond to the crucial needs of every vendor in each tier of the cash supply chain.
The success of Morphis can be primarily attributed to its innovative software geared toward the needs of financial institutions that are looking to streamline cash management. Having started out with an ATM cash demand forecasting software, the team at Morphis was quick to realize that to efficiently forecast cash needs in ATM, it is crucial to manage the cash across the entire currency supply chain. Alif Rahman, president and CTO of Morphis, shares, “We cannot solve the problems of one layer of the current supply chain without solving the whole issue. That’s been our goal and motto.” As such, Morphis begins with delivering a robust cash-in-transit (CIT)/armored carrier management software to track and trace vehicles and manage vault activities. With its ATM management software, the company renders efficient route management by forecasting and optimizing the route, along with superior visibility and management capabilities for manufacturers, ATM transaction processors, and owner-operators of any size. Further, Morphis streamlines cash management and forecasting processes not just at the local branch level but also high up the supply chain hierarchy, till the central bank level. From central banks to centralized vault operations to local branches, with Morphis' solution, customers can forecast and order coin/currency for the right time, right place.

“We are offering a solution, not just a product. With that comes the continuous support of industry leaders throughout the process”

The company is also keenly focused on smart safe and cryptocurrency kiosk management—forecasting cash needs, sending out armored carriers to pick up the cash, receiving information from them, deploying and managing a dashboard, and reconciling and balancing to find exceptions. Most importantly, what sets Morphis a notch above other players in the market is its capability to connect all the vendors in each layer of the currency supply chain—Morphis community—to facilitate a seamless and transparent transaction. The company ensures that its fully integrated, united platform delivers the most accurate results in each step of the supply chain, truly creating a Morphis community.
Morphis views each customer as a business partner and empowers them with a fitting solution—from design to implementation. Rahman shares, “We are offering a solution, not just a product. With that comes the continuous support of industry leaders throughout the process.” Backed by such a customer-centric approach and advanced software solutions, the company has reached stellar heights over the last two decades, managing over five billion transactions through its system on a monthly basis.
Along with these milestones, Morphis is always looking ahead to what’s next in the cash management market. The company is aiming to roll out more solutions for the cryptocurrency/bitcoin space, along with an astute focus on banking relationships and the retailer market. Rahman explains that Morphis is partnering with major hardware manufacturers to develop new solutions for niche cash management needs.
Furthermore, the company is bringing new tools to support the exchange of electronic information between armored carriers and the Federal Reserve Banks to help them comply with required regulatory standards.


Concord, CA

Amy Porter, Founder & CEO

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