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Donna Epes, Director of Client Services
In an industry hyper-focused on technology, QDiscovery knows the true place of technology in a service company: a tool to provide even better customer service. Their laser focus on customer service is why they are among the 2019 Most Promising Legal Technology Solutions Providers.

QDiscovery, a growing middle-market eDiscovery services provider, offers a full suite of sophisticated eDiscovery and forensic solutions. Their client services professionals, many with advanced certifications, have a wealth of experience providing consulting, processing, and hosting services tailored to the needs of diverse clients. Their expert team of forensic examiners brings deep understanding of all data sources in the areas of internal investigations, employment litigation, trade secrets misappropriation, and data breach incident response. Throughout the company is an emphasis on delivering outstanding service and leveraging technology to enhance the people and processes in place.

QDiscovery has grown both organically and through acquisition. In 2018, they acquired Evidox, an eDiscovery provider with a shared focus on customer service and technology, expanding the client services and forensics teams.

“Companies in the industry use the same basic technology; what makes an eDiscovery service provider stand out is the custom, client-driven workflows they create to maximize that technology in ways that assist clients in their case strategy,” says Donna Epes, director of client services at QDiscovery. Donna has built a client services team with a diverse skill-set that allows them to immediately tap into internal expert resources. Each project manager combines a broad understanding of all aspects of eDiscovery with a particular area of expertise.

The development of QPrivAlert, which enables the early identification of potentially privileged information, highlights this approach. “QPrivAlert was designed and developed in-house by one of my team members. A lawyer and technologist, as well as a project manager, he saw a client need that was not being met by current technology. He proposed the solution and developed it with support from the company. This innovation is a direct product of our consultative approach to client services.

What makes an eDiscover y service provider stand out is the custom, client-driven workflows they create to maximize that technology

We collaborate externally with our clients and internally within the client services team and the company as a whole.”

The client services team is involved early in the case and takes a consultative approach to fully understand key objectives, issues, and cost considerations. This allows QDiscovery project managers to determine the best workflows and technologies for each case. Workflows and the people executing the technology are just as important as the technology itself. “Without understanding the case objective and having a strategic process, technology won’t solve the problem. However, with a consultative approach we can use technology and custom workflows to improve case outcome,” Donna explains.

The legal technology space is continuously responding to new data sources and increasing data volume. To stay ahead, QDiscovery emphasizes professional development for all employees. For client services, this means in-house training as well as programs dedicated to external technology certifications such as Relativity certifications. The team cross-trains other departments on strategic use cases for analytics, specific workflows, and technology.

QDiscovery offers expertise across all stages of eDiscovery with a focus on high-level customer service enabled by custom workflows, and strategic use of technology. There is an innate sense of responsibility to deliver outstanding service and leverage technology that enhances the people and processes in place. Founded by a group of industry veterans who have fostered an innovative culture that encourages constant evaluation of market trends and quick identification of opportunities, QDiscovery continues to leverage new and existing technology to address evolving client needs.

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QDiscovery Acquires Evidox

NEW LONDON, CONN. AND BOSTON- QDiscovery, a leading eDiscovery and digital forensic solutions provider, today announced the acquisition of Evidox, a Boston-based eDiscovery provider with a legal-centric approach. The acquisition deepens the company’s expertise across its core offerings and expands QDiscovery’s presence in New England with additional offices in Boston and Portland, ME.

QDiscovery differentiates itself with a full forensic analysis division and by offering innovative new approaches to eDiscovery workflows through services like QMobile and QPrivAlert. With the acquisition of Evidox, they add a stable of attorneys certified in digital forensics, and high performing project managers, increasing bench strength across all services.

Evidox has a strong presence and reputation in the Northeast. Its guiding philosophy is that eDiscovery is not a technical issue; it is a legal issue with a technical solution. As such, questions of scope and cost remain in the hands of the supervising attorneys, not the technicians. The technology serves the legal process rather than driving it.

“We’re excited to join the QDiscovery team. Culturally and strategically this is a great fit for our employees and our clients,” says Jim Berriman, Esq., CEO and Cofounder of Evidox. “At Evidox, we believe that eDiscovery is not a technical issue, it’s a legal issue with a technical solution. This is in line with QDiscovery’s laser-focus on customer service, enabled by technology, to solve unique eDiscovery and digital forensic challenges.”

“It was important for us to join forces with a company where we can all continue to grow. The innovation at QDiscovery is enticing, and we are excited to contribute to it,” says Dana Conneally, Esq., Chief Strategy Officer of Evidox. “Our clients will benefit from both the expanded services and an even more collaborative and innovative service as we join QDiscovery.”

The two companies will continue to operate under their own names while making the services of both available to all clients. All Evidox employees will remain with the company, including attorneys Jim Berriman and Dana Conneally who will continue to lead the Evidox team.

“I’m excited about the level of talent we are bringing on board with this acquisition. At QDiscovery, we have focused on recruiting the best project managers to our team and this new group fits well within our culture of collaboration and innovation, as well as our expected level of client service,” says David Barrett, CEO of QDiscovery. “With our expanded footprint and greater bench strength, we are able to better serve all our clients.”


New London, CT

Donna Epes, Director of Client Services

Offers a full suite of sophisticated eDiscovery and forensic solutions with a laser-focus on customer service