TCDI: Legal Innovation Meets Customer Centricity

Bill Johnson, CEO Imagine being enmeshed in the ordeal of producing responsive information for a lawsuit or a regulatory mandate, only to find that it means sifting through 10 TB of emails. While organizations today are evidence generating machines, a significant challenge lies in efficiently and quickly sifting through vast data reserves such as backup tapes or online networked systems to find essential data, with very little time for reviews. In such a scenario, while technology is a part of the solution process, it’s not the entire solution. “The trick lies in using advanced analytics to organize the human side of discovery to glean critical pieces of information,” remarks Bill Johnson, CEO, Technology Concepts & Design, Inc. (TCDI). To that end, with a 30-year history as a technology-focused review software provider, TCDI empowers law firms and businesses with a customizable suite of eDiscovery and litigation management solutions that are designed to make the human review more accurate and efficient. Built on a Lean Six-Sigma workflow, TCDI’s proprietary and established legal technologies are available as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform or a part of a fully managed service.

Whether it’s developing software to meet specific needs of a customer or providing tireless attention to support projects, the company follows a client-driven partnership culture and operates with a clear understanding of a customer’s requirements. “We believe that everything we do, in some form or fashion, affects the client experience we deliver. Our success in retaining clients over decades is not only from our superior levels of service, but also in our ability to innovatively design and continuously improve our software solutions. Our goal to maintain or reduce the litigation support costs year to year, even as volumes have exponentially increased, continues to solidify the partnerships we create with our clients,” says Johnson.

"Our focus is largely on technology refinements that can help in incremental ways in the review process as opposed to replacing human reviewers"

Founded on a mission to organize large-scale textual databases for the U.S. government, TCDI, within five years of its inception, expanded its passion for data and designed one of the most competent eDiscovery platforms and case management processes in the market today. The company capitalized on its knowledge of privacy and data security, amassed from government projects, and developed advanced litigation support solutions. “Since our inception, we have ingrained information security into our solution set, and consequently we are not playing catch-up on cybersecurity issues that are prevalent in the legal industry today,” explains Johnson. Along with case management, TCDI also excels at computer forensics, penetration testing, and data breach response. With best-in-class system development and unparalleled customer service, delivered at a predictable pricing structure, today TCDI is a trusted advisor for law firms and businesses.
Supreme Information Governance

The company’s eDiscovery solution suite addresses a range of services from collection to processing and review, aligned to the stages of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM). Starting with data collection, TCDI eDiscovery can conduct search across computing systems, servers, flash drives, websites, network shares, and cloud-based platforms by file name, keywords, or other metadata fields. The platform also has a wide variety of processing capabilities and analytics-driven hosted review products that are scalable and can be tailored to meet client needs for delivery type and other parameters. From data processing through document production, the company’s eDiscovery technology is powered by the CV Suite— CV Lynx and CV Fox—that ensure a high-value solution.

While 80 percent of the enhancements that go into our software are an outcome of client support, the other 20 percent are implemented with changing legal requirements and new software algorithms in mind

CV Lynx is a web-based application designed for comprehensive review, analysis, and production of legal data and it is used by case teams to effectively complete the tasks associated with discovery obligations. Designed for large-scale, complex litigation, CV Lynx facilitates streamlined review search and workflows, allowing document review managers to spend more time on quality assurance and less effort on administrating a review platform. CV Lynx also makes predictive coding accessible, and the company works in tandem with clients and reviewers and formulates the best way to implement coding into the software. CV Fox, on the other hand, is designed for small to mid-tier corporations and law firms, enabling them to upload data and be up and running at a moment’s notice. “CV Fox is a user interface built on top of CV Lynx and packaged in a fast framework allowing a client to start a discovery process without interacting with staff or design databases,” says Johnson.

Intersecting Technology and Human Processes

The larger purpose behind all of TCDI’s solutions is to discern how technology can assist human processes. The company’s development team communicates and collaborates with document reviewers and any add-ons that increase productivity are added into the eDiscovery platform. “We are re-energizing the document review workforce and offering new flexible options for our clients and review teams,” says Johnson. In addition to its review center in Greensboro, TCDI partners with select law schools to provide real-world review experience to the next generation of lawyers and military spouse networks to remotely employ the attorney spouses of service men and women. “Our focus is largely on technology refinements that can help in incremental ways in the review process as opposed to replacing human reviewers. For us, it’s about achieving the perfect blend between human and machines to get the best of both worlds,” exclaims Johnson.
Driven by a culture committed to excellence, the company fully embraces the methodologies and proven theories of Lean processes, Six Sigma quality, and Agile development. 70 percent of the company’s staff is Lean Six Sigma certified.

Every client is assigned a project team comprised of highly experienced design engineers and data scientists who are actively involved in the review process and interact closely with clients on a regular basis. Always aligning client needs and software development, all TCDI solutions are built to easily integrate into a client’s existing architecture without the burden of working with third-party development teams. “We believe it’s our job to adapt to a client’s ecosystem instead of uprooting a client’s existing architecture and enforcing them to adapt to us,” states Johnson. Since TCDI is a development shop, any feedback, feature, or litigation requirement can be added to the eDiscovery platform in a short timeframe.

In one instance, a client using CV Suite for review and production of evidence suggested TCDI to include a button on the interface that would automatically pull parent documents for all responsive attachments. In collaboration with the client’s project manager, TCDI’s development team reviewed the request, and by the time the client logged into the system the next morning, TCDI had introduced a new button which significantly eased the process of document production. “While 80 percent of the additions that go into our software is an outcome of client support, the other 20 percent are implemented with changing legal requirements and new software algorithms in mind,” states Johnson. The fact that TCDI’s first litigation technology client that came on board two decades ago is still an active client speaks volumes about the company’s determination to build long-lasting relationships and deliver quality support. Since our clients work with different law firms and review teams that utilize the eDiscovery and litigation management software, TCDI works closely with our customers to effectively structure data for smarter review, and any shortcomings in technology are met immediately. “Over the course of 30 years we have always given our clients reasons to believe in us and never doubt our ability to find a solution for the problem at hand,” mentions Johnson.

Going forward, the company will continue building advanced capabilities and data analytics into its software for improved review processes, while not forgoing superior user experience. At present, TCDI is in the process of launching a test lab, and the metrics derived through combining Lean Six Sigma methodology with advanced analytics will be used as a foundation for future product enhancements. In addition, the company is working toward an integrated system that will help manage both litigation as well as discovery specific documents and link the processes for a holistic and single view of litigation and investigations. Since companies make substantial investments in gathering relevant information when litigating a case, it is wasteful to discard all data during the next case, as often there is room for data reuse. With TCDI’s innovative product roadmap, organizations will have access to an enterprise-wide approach to locate information, while leveraging legacy data. With growing concerns around data security, the company is paying special focus on strengthening cybersecurity measures for complete client assurance. “For us, it’s all about going the extra mile and empowering clients with tools and services that enable them to be successful in court,” ends Johnson.


Greensboro, NC

Bill Johnson, CEO

Provides advanced litigation support platforms and services for eDiscovery, hosted review and production, and large-scale litigation case-file management