SimpleLegal: Simplifying Financials for Corporate Legal Teams

Nathan Wenzel, CEO and Co-Founder
Legal departments have traditionally struggled to be viewed as strategic partners to the organization, often being seen as a bottleneck. As they become more proactive and shift towards a quantitative approach, legal teams are quickly adopting modern legal technology to assist in the collection and analysis of data–the first step in making more informed decisions. In tandem, this shift has helped formalize the legal operations role, which strengthens the legal department by facilitating strategic decision making, technology adoption, financial planning, and cross-functional collaboration.

Mountain View, CA-based SimpleLegal has transformed legal operations by combining e-Billing, matter management, accruals automation, and advanced reporting into one comprehensive solution. “We offer a single unified platform with all the functions required to boost clarity and transparency into legal spend and simplify the way legal professionals work every day,” says Nathan Wenzel, CEO of SimpleLegal. “Plus, we seamlessly integrate with other applications often used by corporate legal teams, like IP management or accounts payable.”

SimpleLegal’s easy to use SaaS platform provides corporate legal teams comprehensive information about their vendors, invoices, and matters being worked on, centralizing their legal operations with a transparent, quantitative approach. Wenzel also believes that enterprise software is not one size fits all. “Our platform has different modules that can be activated as per user requirements. We deliver a simple, transparent, and turnkey platform for legal teams of all sizes. This flexibility is what attracts most customers,” explains Wenzel. While the e-Billing component handles invoicing and spend management, the accruals module automates the collection and receipt of unbilled estimates, and custom reporting allows corporate legal teams to easily extract data and make informed decisions. Since all modules are a part of the same software, users don’t need to setup integrations between different modules.

The strong foothold that SimpleLegal has in the market is evident from the numerous clients it has garnered over the years. A testimony to SimpleLegal’s e-Billing and spend management platform is American Trucking and Transportation Insurance Company (ATTIC, RRG), a firm that partners with trucking companies to stabilize insurance rates.

We offer a single unified platform with all the functions required to boost clarity and transparency into legal spend and simplify the way legal professionals work every day

ATTIC, RRG needed to get its legal spend under control and was looking for an e-Billing solution to provide visibility into untracked legal expenses. SimpleLegal helped them create an automated process for submitting and reviewing invoices, and exposed individual line items in easy-to-use dashboards and reports. Through a streamlined approach, ATTIC, RRG was able to realize six percent savings in legal spend while freeing up countless hours spent reviewing invoices.

SimpleLegal is planning to expand its product suite to cater to the new ways a legal department collaborates internally with other teams. The company will be launching a matter request feature allowing other departments to initiate a request and assign personnel from the legal department to work on it. This will ensure a streamlined matter management process, all from a single platform. The company is also looking to strengthen collaboration between legal departments and their law firms. “We understand that law firms are an important constituent in optimizing legal operations and want to provide clients with an efficient way to communicate with them,” says Wenzel. The company plans to do this by deepening its core product with additional reporting and budgeting features to facilitate data-driven conversations regarding outside counsel performance.

With its global presence, SimpleLegal is looking to transform the way legal departments around the world operate, and will continue to support the legal operations role and the challenges they face with modern and intuitive legal technology.


Nathan Wenzel, CEO and Co-Founder and Patrik Outericky, CTO and Co-Founder

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