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Curtis Collette, Solutions Architect

With their convenience smartphones have become the core of modern business communications and law departments are increasingly aware of the importance of the data they hold. Mobile data has become an important component of nearly all internal investigations, and while its role in litigation has grown, its full impact has yet to be realized.

From their experience in investigation and litigations QDiscovery noticed something interesting. While law departments have become well versed in identifying and preserving mobile data, they struggle with how to handle that data once collected. The collection tools provide a dump of messages in the form of reports in spreadsheets or PDFs that are not easily integrated into existing review tools and workflows used for other data sources such as email. It is no surprise lawyers try to avoid reviewing mobile data whenever possible. In this situation, QDiscovery found a challenge and an opportunity-to bring mobile device data into their clients’ well developed and effective discovery processes.

An eDiscovery leader, QDiscovery tapped into its digital forensics expertise to create an innovative approach to the analysis and review of mobile data. “Combining years of experience in digital forensics, and leveraging advanced technology solutions, QDiscovery assists clients in reviewing mobile device data in the same way emails are reviewed within Relativity, or other eDiscovery review platforms,” explains Curtis Collette, Solutions Architect at QDiscovery. The result is QMobile Insight, a revolutionary approach which acts as the bridge between data collection and review on existing eDiscovery platforms.

While explaining the evolution of QMobile Insight, Collette recalls an instance where a client was facing challenges in reviewing mobile data for a matter. The data was in unwieldy spreadsheets that made it difficult for a reviewer to analyze and identify relevant messages. Moreover, the data could not be reviewed by multiple reviewers simultaneously. Looking for an existing solution that would assist the client, QDiscovery’s client service project managers found none. Undeterred they turned to their colleagues on the QDiscovery forensics team for help.

QMobile Insight is emblematic of QDiscovery’s focus on maximizing technology and expertise to deliver practical solutions to our clients’ eDiscovery challenges

The collaboration resulted in an innovative way to process and present the data that was augmented by custom dashboards and views for the review platform. The solution allowed multiple reviewers to be involved and provided them with additional insight and tracking of the mobile data. That success saved the client’s review team several days’ work and ultimately led to QDiscovery winning the Best Innovation: Community Choice at the most recent Relativity Innovation Awards.

QDiscovery has established themselves as the mobile discovery experts but their services are not limited to this area, they offer a full suite of sophisticated eDiscovery services. Their expert team of forensic examiners bring a deep understanding of all data sources to organizations seeking assistance in the areas of internal investigations, employment litigations, trade secrets misappropriation, data breach incident response and information governance. Their client services professionals, many with advanced certifications, have a wealth of experience in providing consulting, processing and hosting services tailored to meet the needs of diverse clients. Throughout the company is an emphasis on delivering outstanding service to clients and leveraging technology such as offering analytics on every case.

The company was founded by a group of industry veterans who have grown an innovative culture that encourages the entire team to constantly evaluate market trends and quickly identify opportunities to leverage new and existing technology to address evolving client needs. “Our team is laser-focused on harnessing the potential of modern technology to build better solutions and meet the eDiscovery challenges our clients face,” says Collette.


New London, CT

Curtis Collette, Solutions Architect

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