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Ian Campbell, President & CEO
Fresh from a celebration of its 15th year in eDiscovery, iCONECT continues to grow and innovate. The company continues to be a world-leading cloud review platform allowing firms to search, sort and organize documents and images via a simple web browser. Year after year, iCONECT continues to be a pioneer in eDiscovery review technology—and fifteen years in, companies are still looking for solutions to the industry challenge of data volume. “As data volumes continue to grow, our flagship XERA platform is unique in its ability to manage literally billions of documents,” says Ian Campbell, CEO of iCONECT Development, LLC.

Campbell’s Industrial Design degree and his passion for ergonomics enables him to envision how people interact with the information on screen. iCONECT’s XERA provides legal professionals with an extremely intuitive web-based interface compatible with multiple browsers even while carrying out heavy-duty document review work. “We continue to innovate, and making sure that features are intuitive and accessible is a key component of that innovation process,” says Campbell.

iCONECT’s unique tile dashboard—with its ability to display document data, document status, and user metrics—works in tandem with iVIEW charts and graphs functionality to create a simple and intuitive way to communicate vast amounts of data in a glance. One of the newest tiles on the dashboard was built with the best of breed components: it includes built-in processing, powered by world-leading Nuix technology, which empowers firms to collect, process, and review from an all-in-one platform.

The growing use of CCTV camera feed, surveillance video, audio recordings, and police cameras as a key component of an investigation creates other industry challenges. iCONECT’s XERA can manage video and audio—including the ability to mark a timestamp, leave a comment, and share the details with colleagues. Campbell comments, “The ability for XERA to manage these files in tandem with case documents is ahead of others in the eDiscovery review industry.”

We continue to innovate, and making sure that features are intuitive and accessible is a key component of that innovation process

iCONECT offers different installation options to meet client needs—allowing using the software in-house behind a firewall, through 65+ international cloud environments, or in a data ware-house as a managed service. “We’ve created a way for firms to have a litigation portal, which naturally extends their corporate network by replicating the client’s corporate colors, logo, and graphics right inside the application,” says Campbell. When combined with a low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), it’s easy to understand why Woods K Abbot of Global 250 corporation Raytheon, describes iCONECT’s XERA platform as “the most intuitive review platform in the market today.”

From an access to information perspective, iCONECT can literally be used from anywhere — including outer space. iCONECT worked with NASA in 2003 to create a repository of documents during the investigation into the Columbia space-shuttle heat tile disaster. “We were asked if the software could be accessed by extra-terrestrials during a preliminary call,” comments Campbell. The requirement involved iCONECT licensing user accounts to several astronauts who were trapped on the space station so that they could assist with the document review. “It’s a great feeling to know that we were a key component in generating the Return to Flight report which got the shuttle program back up and running.”

Initiatives in healthcare and information governance are key components of iCONECT’s future plans. Campbell, who owns a championship soccer team, believes “there can be similarities in building and managing a technology company and a sports team. Ultimately, every player or staff member is aware of his/her responsibilities and company strategies, and works towards common goals.”

iCONECT Development, LLC

Henderson, NV

Ian Campbell, President & CEO

iCONECT’s award winning proprietary platform XERA empowers Fortune Global 500 corporations and law firms to create a secure central repository enabling worldwide access to billions of their confidential documents

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