UBIC: Scrutinizing Data to Avert Litigation

Today’s worldwide economy has paved a path for global organizations to expand business across several regions. However, enterprises often face challenges in understanding the legal framework. Such situations have created a significant need for organizations to conduct sound and defensible electronic discovery (e-Discovery) of information when involved in cross-country legal proceedings. Electronic data that has been compiled by enterprises needs to be appropriately and thoroughly analyzed and reviewed to manage or even avert litigation. With major advancements in the global business arena, understanding the legal system is a herculean task for many organizations. UBIC addresses this challenge by offering information governance, e-Discovery services, artificial intelligence, and analytics to organizations. The focus is on delivering an innovative combination of guidance, technology, and services to corporate legal departments, law firms, and government agencies for local and multi-country litigation purposes.

The Lit i View platform performs single or multi-language analysis with focus on detail and accuracy to identify critical information

UBIC was founded as a fully-fledged technology solution provider supporting advanced data management and e-Discovery Consulting and serving business markets to help companies involved in multi-national litigation. This included English language material and advanced specialization with Asian language data and its widely varying nuances. “As businesses and data volumes have progressed at a rapid pace, we are blending technology with the e-Discovery process to drive increased efficiencies and effectiveness to manage the broad scope of legal complexities,” states Andrew Jimenez, CEO.

UBIC uses disruptive technology, such as its Virtual Data Scientist artificial intelligence engine, to penetrate deep into a document collection and extract accurate information to provide greater insight into the population. “Along with that, we leverage Behavior Informatics to further understand aspects of culture, privacy, and protocols for greater understanding of the information related to clients and cases,” he adds.
Andrew Jimenez, CEO
UBIC holds deep expertise in analytics and single or multi-linguistic search and identification. This can be performed through their Lit i View platform for litigation purposes, as well as other business line applications such as Medical and Marketing data assessment. This platform is effective in identifying documents that are related to litigation and other applications such as to assess potential risk for future incidents, or business development opportunity. “UBIC’s platform allows firms to manage complex issues and tailor workflow to accommodate multi-national regulations and uncover accurate and relevant data,” asserts Jimenez. UBIC is working relentlessly on the next gen Lit i View platform that will add capabilities like interpretation of data and email auditing. “Language plays a vital role in international litigation and our platform identifies key documents with appropriate information that can be used to support a case,” he adds.

An international presence and support of major law firms and corporations has aided UBIC to establish a secure position in the market. For instance, a client was facing a prolonged litigation issue for over 10 years in their international businesses and approached UBIC to help resolve this problem. UBIC analyzed the old documents that the client designated as vital for legal proceedings. “We extensively reviewed old cases, which helped us to process the data and gather valuable perspective for the client to improve management of the cross-border litigation,” says Jimenez. Eventually, having addressed the challenge, UBIC helped the client save time and reduce expenses.

Moving forward, UBIC intends to transform risks into rewards for their customers by using the same techniques that identify risk to identify business opportunity. “By using electronic data, we can discover potential exposure in the company’s activity that can benefit the company in the longer run. In addition, we, as a technology company, like to take our methodology to our consumers and help them ascertain business opportunities for greater progress and productivity,” concludes Jimenez.


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Andrew Jimenez, CEO

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