MITRATECH: Improved Collaboration for Streamlined Legal Processes

Jason Parkman, CEO
Today’s legal departments are persistently unearthing incipient ways of exploiting technology to accelerate service delivery for clients. The exploitation has promoted an array of benefits such as improved resource allocations, enhanced risk assessment, and automated legal processes. Despite the apparent advantages, “most of the legal solutions available in the market fail to offer centralized visibility over entire legal issues,” delineates Jason Parkman, CEO, Mitratech. “This compels the attorneys to leverage multiple tools for meeting complete requisites of legal landscape.” Headquartered at Austin, TX, Mitratech offers comprehensive Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) solutions for streamlining legal workflows, refining business outcomes, and reducing overall legal spend. “Our ELM solutions act as a single entity that proffers complete visibility into every aspect of an organization’s legal concerns, from the big picture to the minute details,” he adds.

The company’s platform, TeamConnect behaves as a consolidated hub to solve the matter management, e-Billing, legal hold, contracts, and compliance needs of complex legal departments of the world. The platform achieves such consolidation by ensuring a single point of access for all relevant legal data of an organization. The relevant data is further extracted and analyzed to drive informed decisions for the firms. “The ability of our platform to produce logical information helps the legal staff in managing litigation, transactions, investigations, intellectual property, and claims,” affirms Parkman. Besides ELM, the TeamConnect platform provides a unified financial management and e-Billing solution to allow clients consistently save five to ten percent of the organization’s annual cost. The platform attains such rate-cut by its capability to automate the budget creation. “With step by step procedures to rationalize budget practices, our platform attains a complete hold over optimization of vendor management,” proclaims Parkman.

Alternatively, the company also provides Lawtrac, a platform that provides simple and robust functionalities for smaller legal departments. “User-friendliness is a key to drive client-adoption and Mitratech accomplishes it by facilitating the Lawtrac to integrate with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office,” explains Parkman.
The Lawtrac Office Suite includes an integrated Outlook interface that enables Outlook users to attach emails to matters within Lawtrac. Such integration assists the attorneys in saving time and generating more value from the content.

The ability of our platform to produce logical information helps legal staff in managing litigation, transactions, investigations, intellectual property, and claims

Additionally, Mitratech’s set of services ranges from platform deployments to managed hosting and training. Providing advanced insights on these services, Parkman says, “We provide maximum dependability for our clients by proffering secure and global services throughout our relationship with the clients.” In this direction, Mitratech offers several training courses that are designed to teach multiple features of TeamConnect and Lawtrac. “Our self-sufficient courses allow us to transform the abilities of platform into client’s value,” expresses Parkman.

In one such instance of transformation, The Williams Companies, a natural gas company, wanted to dramatically reduce the budget spent on external legal services. The client’s need to effectively mitigate the downturn phase was facilitated by TeamConnect platform. “The implementation of TeamConnect’s platform enabled the client to radically shift their focus to internal legal services,” extols Parkman. This resultantly allowed the client to control finances, ensure regulatory compliances, and streamline legal processes.

Mitratech constantly keeps an eye on the evolving needs of legal landscape. “We know our visibility into the legal landscape is changing, so we will continue to invest in law-related capabilities to meet the advanced needs of attorneys,” concludes Parkman.


Austin, TX

Jason Parkman, CEO

A provider of fully-integrated enterprise legal management solutions that helps automating legal workflow and optimizing the overall legal spend