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Mike Walsh, CEO
In order to stay ahead of the curve, there is a dire need for legal firms to manage efficiency and reduce costs through technology. Apart from a broad-based information management to draw strategic conclusions about setting price and profitable goals, and to analyze the business, law firms also require a fully integrated IT system to get value from a more consolidated approach. Additionally, CRM deployment for legal firms helps in addressing different functional, technical, strategic and organizational aspects in CRM domain.
LexisNexis, a global provider of content-enabled workflow solutions, serves customers specifically for legal, corporate, risk management, and law enforcement to make informed decisions and achieve better business outcomes.

LexisNexis uses industry-standard access control software and methods that ensure protection of the confidential information about consumers and maintenance of reasonable data security measures. Mike Walsh, CEO at LexisNexis, says, “With the help of our software tools, law officials can locate witnesses and investigate crimes as we give access to searchable documents and records from news and business source.” Lexis Advance, a legal research tool offered by LexisNexis, helps the legal firms find precise information from federal and state cases. It analyzes issues over time with LexisNexis' exclusive visual legal issue trail. Furthermore, LexisNexis also enhances legal operations by adopting a CRM solution, InterAction, which deploys basic CRM functionality and focuses on marketing and mailing list management capabilities so as to achieve ROI.

LexisNexis delivers Litigation Research Portfolio that gives access on the largest collection of court documents, verdicts, settlements and insights on witnesses, judges and attorneys. Legal firms use LexisNexis’ CourtLink, a document research tool, to conduct thorough due diligence and monitor litigation. By using CourtLink, legal companies receive notifications of proceedings and documents being filed in cases of interest. CounselLink is a comprehensive enterprise legal management solution that helps in execution of legal-hold notifications and assesses the counsel performance in a legal department.

Each time we document a case, release a decision tool, we’re working to expand the umbrella protection of the rule of law

CounselLink delves into the aspects of practice and legal management by gaining control with 100 percent visibility over matter status and legal costs. As an integrated legal management solution, CounselLink enables the law firm to expedite invoice review, processes with e-billing practices and match billing guidelines for automatic adjustments.

LexisNexis has helped numerous clients across the globe to rectify their legal management issues. PepsiCo, an American multinational food and beverage company, had undergone numerous operational reorganizations throughout its 50 year old history. Jerome Walters, Director of Business Operations at PepsiCo, realized that a lot of confusion occurs when an attorney shifts from one business unit to another and workflow of billing isn't updated. Although Pepsico had implemented CounselLink in 2008, there was an issue of daily calls about misrouted invoices which had taken an increasing amount of time. LexisNexis team identified PepsiCo’s specific data requirements and then fine-tuned the CounselLink configuration's features, workflows, fee structures to meet the company's needs.

Prospecting on the exponential growth in the legal sector, LexisNexis is focusing to assist law firms capture new business as it launches business edge module which will track the processes specific to law firms and gain competitive advantage by empowering the organization to enhance the client service and loyalty. “Each time we document a case, release a decision tool or support the development of a legal infrastructure, we’re working to expand the umbrella protection of the rule of law,” concludes Walsh.


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Mike Walsh, CEO

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