Canon Business Process Services: Timesaving, Cost-Effective Litigation Support Services and Technology for Law Firms

Joe Marciano, President and CEO
Effective document management as well as expert paper and electronic discovery services are integral to winning legal cases. Law firms are constantly evolving and integrating new technology into their workflow to improve efficiency so they can better serve their clients. This includes meeting several critical challenges: containing costs, maximizing attorney document review productivity and maintaining a competitive edge based on eDiscovery expertise and capabilities.

For over 30 years, Canon Business Process Services (Canon) has helped firms meet these challenges by working with legal professionals to streamline operational efficiency and business performance. Canon accomplishes this mission by leveraging its integrated portfolio of technology and litigation support services. These range from consulting, legal holds and preservation, paper and eDiscovery to data collection, early case assessments, electronically stored information processing, managed review and hosted review. “We operate on a managed services model that is technology independent; it can be tailored to each client’s software and hardware investments,” says Joe Marciano, President and CEO of Canon Business Process Services.

Based in New York City, Canon Business Process Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Canon U.S.A., Inc., also offers an approach that is scalable. This includes the company’s cloud-based discovery platform, CaseData®, which is comprised of document review and processing capabilities, analytics, reporting and production features. “CaseData was designed to contain the complexity and cost of document review in an accurate and time-effective manner,” says Marciano.

One important feature of the platform is SmartReview predictive coding. In the SmartReview workflow, reviewers tag documents in “seed set.” Based on the calls made in documents in the seed set, SmartReview can determine categorizations such as relevance and privilege for remaining documents in the larger universe. “This helps reduce the volume of case documents requiring manual review, which in turn can streamline the entire review process,” says Marciano.

The company’s services and technology are helping clients address many unique challenges.
This includes a leading law firm that represented a client with a complex eDiscovery challenge. Due to a pending litigation, Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith LLP was tasked with collecting a vast amount of potentially relevant information contained in electronic client documents. The firm’s client had limited financial resources and costs based on the conventional first-pass linear review of culled and filtered documents was projected to cost millions of dollars and consume a significant amount of attorney review time. A more cost- and time-effective solution had to be developed. Lewis Brisbois tapped Canon to implement a defensible workflow to dramatically reduce the number of documents requiring attorney review. “This new workflow, which leveraged CaseData in conjunction with other document review techniques, enabled Lewis Brisbois to cut the overall budget for the case nearly in half,” explains Marciano. This result was possible due to a 90 percent savings in eDiscovery review costs and by Lewis Brisbois and Canon working together to find ways to reduce technology costs by 35 percent compared with traditional approaches.

We operate on a managed services model that is technology independent; it can be tailored to each client’s software and hardware investments

Marciano points out that to effectively manage the growing volume and complexity of electronically stored information and minimize disruption, costs and risk, legal organizations need to be proactively prepared for eDiscovery. “We suggest that the way to be prepared is to take an integrated approach that optimizes at least four related business processes: information governance, eDiscovery, paper discovery and compliance.

“Canon helps legal professionals address each of these areas so that they are ready to effectively deal with litigation and regulatory actions, today and in the future,” Marciano concludes.

Canon Business Process Services

New York, NY

Joe Marciano, President and CEO

Canon Business Process Services, Inc. offers a comprehensive portfolio of eDiscovery and litigation support services as well as managed services and technology across information and document management, business process outsourcing and managed specialty staffing