UnitedLex: Refining the Way eDiscovery is Practiced

Dave Deppe, President
“Lex” in Latin means law.UnitedLex represents the uniting of multiple legal jurisdictions around the world in order to leverage global talent and data centers. The sole purpose of these coalesced jurisdictions is to help leading corporations, law firms and academic institutions solve complex legal and data challenges while reducing their costs. The president of UnitedLex, Dave Deppe, explains, “Many corporations and law firms are not equipped to manage, analyze and protect their data. They turn to us to help them reduce the cost of data management and analysis, specifically in the areas of intellectual property, contract management, litigation, regulatory and cyber breach services.”

UnitedLex’s Questio, which is Latin for “seeking the truth”, is a technology driven process that helps significantly reduce the cost of any individual matter, while mitigating legal risk and maximizing early intelligence which can lead to quick settlements. Deppe delineates “the majority of the cost savings is achieved by identifying and excluding documents that are falsely hitting on keyword search terms. Our clients save around two dollars and twenty five cents each document that is excluded using the Questio service.”

UnitedLex developed its Questio service to address the explosive growth of data that drives the volume of documents that must be considered for litigation and regulatory requirements. Sheppard Mullin LLP, an AmLaw 100 firm, had collected terabytes of data which would cost a couple of millions for its client, apart from taking weeks only to identify relevant documents in document review during the discovery phase of litigation. By leveraging the Questio service, UnitedLex was able to eliminate 90 percent of unwanted data, “We saved the client around $2.2 Million in discovery costs, and the case settled soon thereafter,” adds Deppe.

UnitedLex also understands that a company needs to abide by the contractual obligations of their customers in a timely manner to maintain a solid, loyal customer base.

UnitedLex has bridged the gap between legal and cyber to help clients speed cyber breach resolution and minimize their total cost and liabilities of a cyber breach incident

Based on this need, UnitedLex developed Lexbase to ensure that companies fulfill their obligations thus providing greater customer service. It notifies employees when an obligation for an employee to respond is due. If an employee does not respond in a timely fashion, the obligation is then escalated to ensure that it is fulfilled. Thus, Lexbase ensures that firms are providing the highest quality service to their customers.

Deppe builds on the philosophy of ‘placing others before self and taking care of your apprentices.’ He believes that this philosophy helps, not only in having good relationships with employees, but also in maintaining long term relationships in the corporate world.

From helping clients through the entire litigation lifecycle to injecting legal intelligence into cyber risk solutions, UnitedLex focuses on empowering their clients through people, process and technology in order to meet their business objectives. Elaborating on the company’s vision ahead, Deppe says, “We have made heavy investments in cyber security risk solutions to protect our clients from cyber that threaten them. We are highly focused on use of Technology Assisted Review and analytically based processes to provide accurate and defensible results at the lowest possible cost. We will continue to expand our global footprint in additional markets across our entire solution set.”


Overland Park, Kansas

Dave Deppe, President and Daniel Reed, CEO

Provider of legal, data management and cyber risk solutions to solve complex legal and data challenges and reduce costs.