Elijah Ltd.: Guiding Clients through eDiscovery and Data Security Minefields

CIO VendorAndy Reisman, President
Founded in 2003 and built through organic growth without outside funding, Elijah has emerged as an attractive alternative to the largest eDiscovery, computer forensic and cyber security providers. Sharing the name of a biblical prophet who tradition holds will resolve all legal disputes, Elijah emphasizes a consultative approach of partnering with clients rather than simply providing services. As Elijah President Andy Reisman explains, "Elijah's core mission has always been to deliver our solutions with the same high level of judgment, responsiveness and value that we would demand if the problems were our own.”

Elijah has devoted substantial energy to addressing needs CIOs must meet to enhance data security in an increasingly challenging environment. Reisman believes that although attention is focused on thwarting external hackers, the largest data security threats most companies face instead occur from their own employees. Protecting confidential data is vital to most enterprises, and even inadvertent dissemination of such material can trigger expensive remedial obligations and shake customers’ faith. Elijah has developed an Employee Risk Management program that helps companies affordably mitigate against millions of dollars in potential exposure and free CIOs to focus on enterprise-level security.

Elijah has further distinguished itself in devising solutions for the legal marketplace, addressing needs Reisman first saw over a decade ago when serving as an equity partner at a global law firm. One such product, eDiscovery Integrator, is a platform-neutral project management tool that helps clients take control of the entire litigation lifecycle. “Beyond project management, eDiscovery Integrator is a collaboration tool, allowing clients to communicate with each other, submit work tickets to the Elijah team, share documents and calendars, create an audit trail of all case activity and securely transfer data,” explains Reisman.

Elijah also built an enterprise solution, LitigationCloud, which provides a state-of-the-art hosted private infrastructure for clients looking to cost-effectively manage multiple legal matters and augment their support teams.

Our services span the litigation life-cycle, to help companies identify, preserve, analyze, produce and ultimately present critical evidence

“Our clients see reduced costs and improved performance associated with having their own private clouds and can benefit from our experienced personnel, whether entirely relying on us for support or simply calling on us during periods of peak need,” says Reisman.

Although not unique in offering a full range of eDiscovery and computer forensic services – including forensic collections and investigations, data analytics, early case as¬sessment, processing, hosting and produc¬tion–Elijah stands apart from the pack by employing a multidisciplinary team of industry veterans trained in provid¬ing a consultative approach to engage¬ments. A recent Elijah engagement involved a geographically distribut¬ed group of co-counsel collaborat¬ing on a matter requiring review of millions of documents. Using pre¬dictive analytics, Elijah devised and implemented a defensible process to radically reduce data volumes while improving review consistency and re¬liability. “Using analytics together with our eDiscovery Integrator project management system, our clients have been able to intel¬ligently group document sets for review by concept, track progress in real time and meet deadlines that otherwise would have been unachievable,” notes Reisman.

Elijah has built a highly diverse client base that includes a mix of the world’s largest companies and law firms, SMBs and start-up enterprises, a growth trend driven by repeat business and referrals. Elijah has established itself as one of the most promising companies in its industry, and we are excited to follow its continued expansion in the years to come.

Elijah Ltd.

Chicago, IL

Andy Reisman, President

Specializes in computer forensics, electronic discovery & data security.