AgilePoint: Robust BPM for Responsive Application Development

Jesse Shiah, CEO & Co-Founder
The legal services industry is a dynamic domain, given the great differences across jurisdictions and practice areas. “This requires law firms to be more efficient and agile, be in the forefront of competition, and be responsive towards its clients as much as possible,” begins Jesse Shiah, CEO, AgilePoint. With an experience of more than two decades in the IT industry, Shiah founded AgilePoint to provide process-centric application development tools and Business Process Management (BPM) software products. The company’s next generation, Responsive Application Platform (RAP) enables law firms to create process-based applications quickly that are self adaptive to continuously evolving, real-world processes. “Our platform enables organizations to create applications that can be integrated with existing systems and won't add to a legacy code problem,” adds Shiah.

Headquartered in Mountain View, CA, AgilePoint is an industry leader in BPM products for law firms of all sizes. AgilePoint’s model-driven solutions are designed to enable business users to quickly implement cross-functional and cross-organizational process-based applications such as for new matter intake, close matter, conflict search, attorney on-boarding, etc. “Our products are not only affordable, but also quickly reward our customers with continuously improved operations and measurable returns,” states Shiah.

AgilePoint iBPMS, AgilePoint’s flagship intelligent Business Process platform, provides an application development framework that enables business units and IT to collaborate throughout the development lifecycle. This continuous collaboration allows stakeholders to reduce change-management challenges, enabling employees to work with familiar systems that require no additional training.

AgilePoint iBPMS leverages common business tools like Microsoft Visio, and also Agile Point's own web-based designer, through which business stakeholders can easily create applications and associated end-user forms using simple drag and drop features.
Once deployed, users have multiple touch-points to access and complete work via Microsoft SharePoint, and other communication tools. “With AgilePoint iBPMS and our Agile Methodology, we have helped companies reduce the application development cycle by up to 90 percent and witness results in less than 6 weeks,” adds Shiah. Many Global 2000 companies use AgilePoint’s iBPMS to solve complex process challenges across different business units throughout their organizations. “This product can easily modernize any of the legacy systems today in the legal industry,” continues Shiah.

AgilePoint, likewise, enables enterprise BPM for Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, Dynamics CRM, SAP, and SalesForce.

AgilePoint prides itself in its innovative technology and customer-centric approach. “We have built a substantial platform that can sustain our customers’ businesses. Our platform enables users to design and deploy processes that can be dynamically changed in real time,” asserts Shiah.

As an example, Shiah refers to an international law firm that recognized the need to have more efficient software systems and a much improved customer engagement experience. The firm chose AgilePoint's iBPMS platform to design and build the new system, which would allow them to evaluate prospective new clients for potential conflicts of interest as well as afford them a new level of productivity. Moving from its traditional, records-based workflow solution, the firm benefited from AgilePoint's model-driven approach to application development.

AgilePoint has a revolutionary vision for the future that includes its Responsive Application Platform, a technology that facilitates the rapid development of business applications that are self adaptive to evolving, real-world business processes.


Mountain View, CA

Jesse Shiah, CEO & Co-Founder

Helps enterprises of any size attain and sustain operational success through process excellence and adaptive process-driven applications that do not become legacy.