Top 20 Legal Technology Companies - 2018

Top 20 Legal Technology Companies - 2018

2017 was a rather turbulent year and the legal technology world certainly didn’t escape the constant whirl of never-ending news cycles and shifting technological trends and expectations. As mobility and cloud computing take over the traditional desktop and paper filing systems, security concerns for law firm’s clients has become a rising issue. The functionality and performance of mobile devices has drastically, and continues to, improve. With legal specific apps, email, and mobile responsive design many lawyers can complete almost anything they need right from their phone. This also makes information and confidentiality, one of the utmost important element and lawyers are happy to hear that the technology in this area is quickly growing and maturing.

Traditionally, law firms are slower to adopt than many of the industries they support. Nevertheless, law firms do make changes to better serve their clients, and it’s fascinating to see where they’re heading. Firms of all sizes are embracing technology for more than just the economics of streamlining workflows. They are trying to improve client collaboration, want the ability to scale up or down based on current and future requirements, and seek a secure and stable—all while trying to focus their best and brightest resources on critical thinking to improve their value proposition.

Our selection panel has evaluated hundreds of Legal Technology Solution Providers based on their abilities to assist CIOs and enterprise holders with a process that leverages the contemporary state of legal affairs and concurrently prepares the firm to bet on options for an impending “new normal”. We present to you CIOReview’s “20 Most Promising Legal Technology Solution Providers - 2018”.

Company Name

Company Description

Acorn Legal Solutions Acorn provides advanced analytics for documentation review and educational guidance for e-discovery
BigSquare Provides deeper data insights to law firms and legal departments through consistent information reporting
Bloomberg Law Provides an AI and data analytics-enhanced legal research and business intelligence platform
Canon Business Process Services Provider of a comprehensive portfolio of managed services and technology for information and document management, business process outsourcing, and specialty workforce services
ContractSafe Provides a smart repository for contracts that is rich in functions and easy to adopt and use
eQ eDiscovery Solutions Offering valuable and extensive legal workforce solutions required for project management of legal, regulatory, and data analytics
FRONTEO USA Provider of global eDiscovery, managed review solutions and big data analytic services driven by AI
Gemba360 Provides Gemba360 Compliance System that allows agencies to monitor and manage compliance and risk management reporting with one system
Ipfolio Next-generation, IP Management software that helps companies inventing the future protect their discoveries
Law In Order Offering end to end digital and document solutions
LSP Data Solutions Provides litigation technology services to law firms, corporations and government agencies by using artificial intelligence, data analytics, user behavior analysis and proprietary workflows to solve the unique needs of each client
Morae Legal An end-to-end legal consulting and solutions provider, focused on helping law departments enhance performance with measureable results and reduced costs
MyCase Provider of an affordable, intuitive and powerful legal case management software designed for the modern law firm
Nexidia A speech and interactive analytics software company, offering leading AudioDiscovery solutions through patented phonetic indexing and search technology
QDiscovery QDiscovery designs flexible eDiscovery and forensic services to help clients manage complex matters and reduce litigation expenses
RVM Enterprises, Inc. Offers eDiscovery solution for filtering relevant documents by robust data analytics
Sandline Discovery A boutique litigation support and eDiscovery service provider, serving both law firms and corporations in the U.S. and globally
SimpleLegal Modern legal operations software that serves as the system of record for corporate legal departments
SmartAdvocate Provides a fully integrated case management system designed for personal injury, mass tort and other litigation practices
TCDI Provides advanced litigation support platforms and services for eDiscovery, hosted review and production, and large-scale litigation case-file management