10 Most Promising Legal Technology Consulting/Services Companies - 2019

10 Most Promising Legal Technology Consulting/Services Companies - 2019

The advancements in technology have paved new inroads for legal companies to come up with more effective strategies to serve their clients. Some of the key technological advancements that would have significant traction in the market include AI, natural language processing, predictive analytics, document automation, visual analytics, legal project management, and so on. Innovative advancements in these domains of technology have the capability to take the industry by storm.

One of the critical uses of AI is to help legal professionals handle the time-consuming task of legal research. By leveraging the power of NLP, cases and statutes are quickly and efficiently sorted by today’s software to understand those that may be relevant to the subject matter. Additionally, by using data and algorithms, AI can also predict the outcomes of legal cases. Furthermore, document automation software leverages the latest technologies available to help lawyers draft documents more quickly and accurately, right from pleadings to contracts and settlement agreements.

To help organizations select the best legal technology service providers, CIO Review magazine has come forth with a special edition on Legal Technology Service Providers. A distinguished panel of prominent CEOs, CIOs, VC’s and analysts, along with CIO Review’s editorial board has assessed a number of legal technology service providers and has shortlisted the frontrunners in providing top-notch services in this space. The listing provided will help your company analyze the best solution service that will boost your business while also helping them to serve their clients efficiently.

We present to you “10 Most Promising Legal Tech Consulting/ Services Providers - 2019.”

Company Name

Company Description

Aderant Global industry leader in providing comprehensive business management software for law firms and professional services organization
Axiom Provides talent and technology to help legal departments adapt to a demanding new era
Consilio LLC Supports multinational law firms and corporations using innovative software, cost-effective managed services and deep legal and regulatory industry expertise
Epiq Global leader in the legal services industry, takes on large-scale, increasingly complex tasks for corporate counsel, law firms, and business professionals with efficiency, clarity, and confidence
Everest Technologies The firm offers a full range of litigation support and e-discovery management services socializing in digital forensics
iManage Automates routine cognitive tasks, provides powerful insights and streamlines how professionals work, while maintaining the highest level of security and governance over critical client and corporate data
KLDiscovery Provides technology-enabled services and software to help law firms, corporations, government agencies and consumers solve complex data challenges
Litera Corp Builds software to draft, proofread, compare, repair, and clean documents in the legal and life sciences industries
Logikcull Secure, cloud-based solution helps law firms and organizations of all sizes solve the expensive, complex, and risky challenges associated with eDiscovery, internal investigations, and open records response
Ruby Receptionists Leverages proprietary technology and its people live five Core Values— “Foster Happiness,” “Practice WOWism,” “Create Community,” “Innovate,” and "Grow"