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CIO VendorIan Campbell, President & Co-Founder
Globalization of markets has opened an environment of increased litigation and regulatory investigations where the challenge is in sharing large volumes of case documents and information with legal counterparts across the globe. The expectation on law firms is to provide cost-effective and accurate eDiscovery services. “This challenge is mitigated with iCONECT-XERA,” says Ian Campbell, President and Co-Founder, iCONECT Development. He further adds, “Our uniqueness is the ability to provide a software platform to store, host, organize, review and intuitively navigate through billions of documents.”

Campbell’s Industrial Design degree and his passion for ergonomics enables him to envision how people interact with the information on screen. iCONECT-XERA, the eDiscovery review platform, provides legal professionals with an extremely intuitive interface, compatible with multiple browsers even while carrying out heavy-duty document review work. “The platform provides unprecedented control and cost savings over the entire eDiscovery review process,” says Campbell.

The name “XERA” signifies the next era in eDiscovery, Review and Analytics. It empowers legal teams to maximize productivity via a powerful SQL or Oracle-based system with a low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). “We have created a dashboard front-end, where analysis and metrics associated with a review are aggregated…a pie chart option displays the percentage of documents flagged as confidential while a bar chart reveals the productivity of the review team on a daily basis,” explains Campbell.

Alongside these advantages, iCONECT offers the option of using the software in-house behind the firewall, or through 65+ cloud environments around the world. iCONECT-XERA has language packs built into its software, allowing lawyers from multiple countries to view the software interface in their language of choice. iCONECT-XERA also leverages team knowledge by including a built-in collaborative layer, allowing a reviewer to instantly share insights on issues related to a specific document within the application.

Campbell cites the interface features, the unique licensing model that offers flexibility on a monthly basis, and the ability to integrate with third party software as key differentiators for iCONECT-XERA.

Our dashboard aggregates analysis and metrics associated with the review

For example, clients have the flexibility to add analytics components, either to the entire application or on an a la carte basis for specific cases where analytics information is necessary.

In the BP-DeepWater Horizon oil spill case, roughly 300 reviewers from over 90 law firms (representing various case teams) as well as state attorneys access approximately 900 million pages of information through iCONECT software. “We have a very unique way to create private and public folders of information for each of these different users and groups, who look at the same document collection in different ways and for different reasons, and organize it for their specific case,” says Campbell. For this case of mammoth proportion, the client was able to train users in less than an hour, due to the easy-to-use interface.

With iCONECT technology well received in the market by organizations such as Enron, Kodak, Sun Microsystems, and Bayer, the company’s goal is to expand the product matrix. The iCONECT-PublicAccess platform is ideal for privacy commissions, public inquiries, public meetings, Commissions of Inquiry, photo or document archives, or settlement requirements based on judicial decisions. iCONECT also provides law firms with free user licenses for pro bono cases as a way to make reliable technology available, while helping reduce the cost barriers that too often deter lawyers from taking on worthy cases from clients with limited resources.

Campbell, who owns a championship soccer team, believes there can be synergy in building and managing a technology company and a sports team. Ultimately, every player or staff member is aware of his/her responsibilities and works toward common goals–be that company growth or winning a game. This theme reflects in the company’s development strategies as well. “We are expanding our product matrix to capitalize on emerging market needs in ‘In¬formation Governance’ and ‘Healthcare,’ which will result in increased utilization of our system, bringing clients continued evolution within iCONECT,” emphasizes Campbell.

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