Mitratech Introduces Upgrade Services to Clients on Teamconnect 4.0

By CIOReview | Monday, September 8, 2014

AUSTIN, TX: Mitratech, a provider of enterprise legal management (ELM) solutions has announced that clients on the new TeamConnect 4.0 platform will no longer need to pay for upgrade services outside of their standard maintenance agreements, a first-of-its-kind offering for truly enterprise-class legal management software.

With last month’s release of TeamConnect 4.0, Mitratech introduced a game-changing software platform for the legal industry. It offers powerful and sophisticated functionality that can be efficiently and sustainably implemented, administered, and upgraded.

While clients can still customize and extend TeamConnect to their own unique business needs, TeamConnect’s highly configurable architecture, new upgrade tools, and robust API layer ensure an ease of ownership for large legal departments that is unparalleled.

“With the introduction of TeamConnect 4.0, we promised lower total cost of ownership to the market, and we are now expanding our delivery of that promise. For many large legal departments using complex software products similar to TeamConnect, upgrading is an expensive, painful, and time-consuming process. This limits them from being able to take advantage of valuable new functionality as it comes out. Today, Mitratech is eliminating that barrier and increasing the value our clients receive from TeamConnect,” says Jason Parkman, CEO, Mitratech.

New clients that deploy TeamConnect 4.0 and existing clients that upgrade to TeamConnect 4.0 can rely on Mitratech to upgrade them to future releases as a part of their existing maintenance agreements. At Mitratech’s upcoming user conference, Interact 2014, clients will learn how to plan for successful upgrades to TeamConnect 4.0 – ensuring that they are eligible to take advantage of this offer.

“Legal departments should not have to spend time and money to maintain costly customizations; that type of work drives little value back to the legal department,” said Mitratech VP of Professional Services Judith Tigner. “We are thrilled that our upgrade engagements will now be fully focused on industry best practices, robust training programs, and other methods to increase user adoption of any new features we release.”