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Aftersign by Cognition : Fuelling the Legal and Business Platform

By CIOReview | Wednesday, November 25, 2015

TORNTO, ON: Cognition, the developer of NEW LAW in Canada, disrupts the transformation etiquette between lawyer-client models by introducing Aftersign Software; a contract management solution that includes legal and file management expertise. Promoted as cogent software, it is also time and cost efficient that benefits the business and legal departments equally.

The legal departments and the business units faces many discrepancies  when required to sign contracts like critical renewal dates or when notification are missed Often signed copies are not found leaving the organizations  vulnerable to frequently lengthy and expensive transactions. Aftersign by Cognition, reinforces the emphasis   a business contract holds in a legal and enterprise scenario.

With cloud based solutions, Aftersign provide an efficient data management service which reduces data related complexities too. In legal and business platform, missed obligations and deadlines can be expensive but now with Aftersign, it will be accessible through Set Up, Store /Access, Manage and Report.

The platform does genuine data identification, selection and upload. Its stringent security components allow users to control over the database including advance reminders and alerts. It also provides regular details and customizable contract reports to users on a fixed monthly subscription fee. Cognition shares business-minded advices, master counsel with economical structure.