The Value of Intelligent Capture in Accounts Payable Automation

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The Value of Intelligent Capture in Accounts Payable Automation

Intelligent Capture is catching the attention of organizations and causing a fundamental shift in the way businesses read and process paper and electronic documents. It eliminates the tiresome work of manual data entry and its associated errors, driving the return on investment in Accounts Payable automation.

Intelligent capture software that includes document imaging, separation and classification of invoices, and data extraction and validation introduces integrity in the downstream AP processes.

This informative whitepaper addresses questions like:

  • How can you implement an intelligent capture solution successfully?

  • What are the business systems that an intelligent capture system is typically integrated with?

  • What are the key areas in which an intelligent capture technology can further enhance the Accounts Payable process?

Download this white paper to learn why capture is important in your Accounts Payable automation initiative. 

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